Pc Eye Protection Glasses – Gunnar Optiks Phenom Performance Eyeglasses Review – 2018

Hardcore players are constantly searching for an additional way to get a leg-up on their competition. There are efficiency products for virtually whatever you can possibly imagine, now including eyewear. Unfortunately, a lot of these products are only marketing buzz and cannot create the outcomes that are guaranteed. So, when I first opened up the product packaging of the Gunnar Optiks Phenom glasses, I was admittedly unconvinced if I would certainly see any kind of difference when using them. But, I am a company follower in “do not knock it till you attempt it”, so I was more than willing to check them thoroughly for a couple of weeks.

Regarding Gunnar Optiks

Gunnar Optiks is the brain-child of Jennifer Michelson, who, after seeing her husband deal with his vision during computer system usage, was concerned concerning her boy complying with in the same footprints. The firm obtains it’s name from her earliest child, Gunnar. It was co-founded with Joe Croft in 2005. Joe has worked for numerous business doing item layout and also production. Potentially his most relevant experience is the nearly 10 years spent at Oakley.

Gunnar creates both indoor as well as outside “performance eyewear” glasses focused on people that check out computer system screens often. The computer system in this feeling includes cellular phone and other digital gadgets that appear to rule our lives currently.

Attache Phenom

Gunnar Optiks has a big option of various designs to satisfy everyones personal preferences. I was able to test the Phenom glasses from the Attache line. The lenses have their i-AMP innovation which aims to ease eye stress and also increase clarity. This innovation is comprised of several other exclusive elements: Neoscopic adjusting, fRACTYL lens geometry, diAMIX lens material, i-FY lens finishes, and also iONik lens tints. While these are generally spunky advertising terms, the combination of the specific innovations does make an all-around item. From exactly what I could tell, the Neoscopic adjusting implies the lenses have a small magnifying to them, similar to reviewing glasses. The fRACTYL lens geometry is similar to my Oakley ski safety glasses, providing a totally undistorted lens. The diAMIX lens material is an unique plastic lens. The i-FY lens finishes are anti-glare, anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, and also smudge-resistant. Last, but not the very least, the iONik lens tints are merely the lens colors which are offered. Pc Eye Protection Glasses


Putting on the Phenoms was a pleasure. They are very lightweight and I barely noticed I had them on. I had no pain putting on these more than 8 hours a day, each day, during my testing. The nose item is completely adjustable, as well, contributing to the convenience.

Build Quality

The build top quality of the glasses is wonderful. My favored part of them is the spring rests on the arms. These are a fantastic feature that not only make it much easier to put on as well as take off the glasses, however additionally maintain the arms from being deformed while doing so. The metal frameworks are very strong and also ding immune. I made a psychological note to myself to not be also careful when managing them as well as I have not noticed any noticeable wear on them yet. The lenses did not scrape throughout my regular use, too.


Generally, I believed the glasses done quite possibly. They definitely took some getting used to in the beginning because there seems to be a mild zoom to the lenses. I needed to rest a little closer to my computer screen as a result of this. Normally, I like to rest a little further than arms length away when I go to my desktop computer, which is roughly 35 inches. When wearing the glasses, I located I needed to kick back 25 inches away to check out the screen correctly. This range functions perfectly for me when using my laptop.

Amber lenses are absolutely not a new idea to assist enhance aesthetic comparison. Marksmen have actually been making use of brownish-yellow lenses for many years. Directly however, I did not discover any contrast difference using the Gunnars. At the very same time, the brownish-yellow color did not hinder my game dip into all.

The only problem I can not correct was that the anti-reflective coating on the lenses did not function well enough. I attempted a number of different lighting circumstances (all-natural sun light, incandescent bulbs, fluorescent light bulbs), but in each I had a reflection of my eyes looking back at me, which is extremely tough to adapt to.

Final Ideas

I certainly would not suggest that every person go out and acquire a set of Gunnar glasses. I would certainly, nevertheless, recommend them to individuals that are being in front of a computer screen for 8 hrs or even more daily. Gamers and also experts that utilize computer systems for a major part of their job might take into consideration getting a set of Gunnars, specifically if they experience discomfort related to lengthy hours invested staring at a computer screen. So, even though I had a couple of issues with them, I assume the Gunnar eyeglasses did measure up to most of their insurance claims and worked well. Pc Eye Protection Glasses

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